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Online Brand Protection

Our recommended protection solutions are suited for effective enforcement on Amazon from Counterfeiters & Unauthorized Resellers

Ensure MAP Compliance

Our solution providers can help you with MAP policy establishment and effective constant compliance.

24/7 Monitoring

Around the clock monitoring ensures no late night funny business.

Unauthorized Sellers Removal

Resellers who are not able to provide proof of acceptable inventory sourcing will be removed from the Amazon marketplace.

People, Not Software

To ensure effectiveness and marketplace compliance, all correspondence is human made, not automated .

If you do not have control of your brand's online presence, it's only a matter of time before you start having problems.

Unauthorized marketplace resellers use harmful tactics that only benefit themselves and while causing extreme price erosion as well as tarnishing your brand's image.

These tactics cause issues with your brick & mortar retailers who can not compete with online marketplace prices and may refuse to sell your products.

Further more, your new customers could have a negative experience by receiving used, expired or counterfeit products leading them not to purchase from your brand again.

All of this translates into sales and revenue loss.

Our Brand Protection Strategy

After hearing from countless brands in regards to this issue, we've developed a strategy composed of experts that have proven themselves in the field of online brand protection.

Our partners protect you from:

  • Counterfeit Products

  • Price Erosion

  • Poor Customer Experiences

  • Unauthorized Resellers

  • Revenue Loss

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Every situation is different. We will sit down with you, see where your pain points are then put a recommended plan together that will address your unique circumstances. 

We will cover:

  • MAP Policy & Trademarks

  • Number of Unauthorized Sellers

  • What you have already attempted


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Brand Registry 2.0

We will help you enroll into Amazon's Brand Registry program. The enrollment into this program offers your brand dedicated Amazon support to fight against counterfeit resellers. Additionally, the program also offers access to special marketing privileges unavailable to unregistered brands.

Brand Registry 2.0

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Removal of Unauthorized Sellers

Your chosen enforcement partner will begin identifying MAP violations and unauthorized resellers on your listings. Identification, warnings, and the removal of these resellers will ensure your brand is protected at all times.

Unauthorized Seller Removal

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24/7 Monitoring & Protection

Your brand will be monitored and protected 24/7 against the threat of late night repricing or unauthorized seller activity.


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Weekly or monthly reports will be provided with unauthorized seller information when and where needed.


Brand control on Amazon is an essential part of the success of your brand in the marketplace, but it's only part of the equation . 

Ready to Talk? 


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