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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you charge for your services?
    No. We do not charge for the services we offer and we do not charge any monthly fees. Instead we purchase your products at an agreed wholesale price where we are able to use the margin to pay for the services we offer you. You're paid immediately and get to enjoy what we offer at no additional charge.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    No, nada, never!
  • What is FBA?
    FBA stands for Fulfilment By Amazon and we are FBA compliant. We sell exclusively throught Amazon's FBA network where all your products become Prime Eligiable on
  • Do you require a exclusive agreement?
    We are 100% agreement free and do not require an exclusive. However, it is important to understand that for intended growth to occur on Amazon, you need some form of brand control. Without it, success is nearly impossible.
  • Are you a distributor?
    No. We sell all of your products through our own Professional Amazon Seller Account direct to consumer. We are essentually a Amazon Marketplate distributor to Amazon's warehouses.
  • What if I'm not happy with your services?
    We are contract free therefore you are able to walk away at any time.
  • What if there are customer service issues. How do you handle them?
    We are the seller of your products on and we handle any questions from Amazon customers accordingly. If we are unable to confidently answer the question, we will reach out to our contact at your company for an approperate answer.
  • Can we hire you for only one service?
    Yes and No. Brand protection is nessary for intential growth. If you already have a protection solution in place, we can certialy work with you. If you do not, Brand Protection is essential because Optimization and Distribution work as one cohesive system inorder to be successful. For example, without us distributing your products on we are unable to properly optimize or market your product pages on Amazon to increase sales. Brand control is another essential component that allows us the freedom to optimize your product pages. Without it, competition will undermine the works we perform.
  • We already have brand control, can you help with marketing and distribution?"
    Yes! If you already have a working system for protecting your brand on Amazon, we are able to start improving your listings immediately.
  • Are you able to remove unauthorized sellers?
    We leave it to the professionals who have spent years developing proven systems. We have partnered with leading service providors in the field of MAP control and unauthorized seller removal. We recommend using professional services to quickly and efficiantly gain control of your brand on various marketplaces. Once under control, we are able to work with you and help maintain brand control at no additional cost.
  • Do you offer MAP agreements?
    No. We are not lawyers and we do not recommend MAP agreement templates. A properly written MAP agreement is extremely important and requires professional lawyers to ensure it is tailored for your business and product types. We have partnered with a leading law firm who can provde you with assistance if needed.
  • Is brand protection required for your other services?
    Pretty much yes. Without brand protection, intentional growth on Amazon becomes nearly impossible to accomplish. That said, we will only be able to possibly do some paid marketing without causing your brand more harm than good. Other services such as optimization require that you have some sort of brand protection in place inorder to be successful. Without it, we will only be spinning our wheels as competition unmines everything we do.
  • Do you charge a commission for your marketing services?
    No. It is all free and there are no longer term commitments or contracts. Instead, we purchase inventory from you at an agreed upon wholesale price. We use the revenue from our Amazon sales to pay for the marketing we perform on your product listing.
  • Do I have a person I can contact with Amazon questions?
    Yes! You will have two contacts, an account manager who submits purchase orders and and brand manager who is your personal Amazon liaison. Your brand manager handles works on your tailored marketing program and is available to answer any questions you might have.
  • Is Amazon Brand Registry required?
    No but it surely helps. It not only helps you protect your brand against counterfeit sellers but it also open the doors to an exclusive marketing tool called Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). EBC allow us to brand your product pages with more content, photo's, video, and even a custom Amazon storefront. Amazon's Brand Registry requires that you have an active trademark to qualify. If you are not registered in Amazon's Brand Registry, we will help you through the simple process.
  • Who monitors inventory levels on Amazon?
    We do! Your account is assigned an Account Manager who will monitor inventory levels and submit purchase orders to you based on sales tends to ensure there is never a stock out on
  • What about returns?
    We are the seller for your products on Amazon which makes us resposibile for all customer returns and fees.
  • Do you manage our Amazon Seller Account?
    No. We purchase inventory from you and sell your products under our own Professional Amazon Seller Account. Because we are using our own seller account, we are responsible for the logisitics, selling fees, customer returns, and Amazon customer service.
  • What payment methods do you offer?
    We are able to pay for inventory in anyway that suites you.

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