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We purchase your products for distribution on Amazon through our own Professional Seller Account 

Amazon Prime Eligible

All products are sold under our own professional Amazon Prime eligible account, shipped same day, 2-Day Air to all 50 states.

FBA Compliant

We handle & meet all FBA requirements for proper packaging such as labeling & bagging.

Multi-Pack & Bundling

We offer bundling & multi-pack options for your products.

100% Risk Free

We pay upfront for your products & handle all of the Amazon fulfillment fees from our own pocket.

Relieve your company from strict packaging requirements, fees, returns, quality control, stock forecasting & customer service.

We purchase, distribute & sell your products under our Professional Amazon Seller account, relieving you from the responsibility of managing the day to day demands of inventory prep, customer service, Amazon logistic management & fulfillment cost.

We hold a high quality standard in packaging & product demand forecasting that insures your products are available at all times to customers who will receive what they ordered respectfully packaged for safe delivery. 

These leaves you more time to focus on your brand.

Brand Ascend frees you from:

Marketplace administration, prep & logistics

Inventory management & forecasting

Multi-pack bundling & packaging

Marketplace customer service

Numerous marketplace fees

Returns processing

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Purchase Order

Your account manager will actively monitor & review product performance to ensure inventory levels are maintained to avoid stock outs.


When it is time to order, your account manager will submit a purchase order with immediate payment.

Purchase Order

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Shipping to Our Warehouse

Ship your products to our one location and we do the rest.

We process and ship everything from our own distribution center located in Michigan.


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Product Preparation & Packaging

Our warehouse crew follows a strict processing process to ensure quality control and proper preparation for FBA compliance prior to shipping.

FBA Compliance Includes:

  • Bagging

  • Box & Container Seals

  • Warning Labels


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Bundling & Multi-Packs

During our product prep & packaging process, our team can bundle and/or multi-pack your products to meet whatever needs you may require or where we see an opportunity to drive more sales.


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When we finished with our prep process, we ship your product on time to Amazon's warehouses across the country.

Our quality control and prep process gives you reassurance that your customers will receive your products in the best condition possible.


Our goal is to free you from the burden of managing all of the complicated aspects of Amazon, leaving you focus on other important aspects of your brand.

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