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Amazon Optimization & Marketing

Our no-fee marketplace marketing offers a complete suite of strategies that  work together to obtain optimal results

Custom Tailored Marketing

We create custom creative & keyword rich copy for your product listings tailored to represent your brand's image & unique selling propositions.

A Complete Marketing Solution

We offer a complete marketplace strategy that works in unison with Amazon's algorithm to improve product listing conversions & ranking in popular search results.

No Fees & No Contracts

We don't require a contract & we will never charge for marketing but we work as if we did.

Dedicated Brand Manager

A dedicated brand manager will oversee your products & all of your projects. They are your personal Amazon liaison.

We optimize each product listing to work in unison with Amazon's search algorithm to improve sales & growth potential.

The removal of unauthorized sellers is only part of the puzzle. Having brand control in place opens the door for us to effectively improve what really drives your sales on Amazon, your Amazon product pages.

Our unique marketplace marketing system combines a series of best practices that will continue to improve the growth potential of product pages over time.

The Brand Ascend Marketing Strategy

Our unique Marketplace Marketing Flywheel strategy systematically provides continued optimization to your Amazon product pages to increase awareness, conversion rates and boost marketplace sales.

Our program handles:

  • Duplicate Product Listings

  • Poor Product Images

  • Inaccurate & Missing Product Copy

  • Keyword Deprived Titles & Bullet Points

  • Low Product Review Counts

  • Unmonitored Product Reviews

  • Low Product Page Traffic

  • High Advertising Costs

Brand Ascend's Marketplace Marketing Flywheel

| 01

Market Research

Locating the best and most profitable keywords for your products and brand requires more than using online tools.


We dive deeper, looking at your most profitable competitors in your market to not only look for proven profitable keywords but also locate and define the key product differences that makes your product outshine the competition.


| 02

Optimized Copy Writing & Backend Configuration

We will write engaging title and bullet points that highlight the important features of your product while strategically placing the identified top performing keywords in key areas.

During this time we will also configure the listing's back end with the remaining keywords as well as correcting any fields offered by Amazon with missing or incorrect data.


| 03

Product & Lifestyle Images

Professional and informative images of your product is key conversion aspect of your product listings.

We will create professional product images as well as lifestyle images highlighting the most important features of your products. We want the pictures alone to sell your product and maximize the conversion potential of your listings.


Brand Store Page

| 04

Enhanced Brand Content

We utilize all of the tools Amazon features to give your brand a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We will create professionally crafted Enhanced Brand Content descriptions and Brand Store Pages that will make it easy for customers to discover your brand's story, benefits and features.

Enhanced Brand Content Description


| 05

Paid Marketing

We create, manage and optimize custom campaigns using Amazon Sponsored Ads program.

We utilize the top keywords used during optimization to quickly index your product page for those words which will improve your natural search rankings during customer searches.


| 06


We monitor the progression of your product page rankings and we also monitor two other key areas that influence sales, Product Reviews and Product Q&A.

We actively encourage customer engagement with followup product review campaigns with every order while monitoring for inappropriate reviews for removal and answer any customer questions. Our system increases your product review count which helps encourage future customer purchases.


Product page improvement and marketing is the key to increasing brand awareness and sales on Amazon. Distribution keeps it running.

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